Game Producers are focusing on the wrong work. It’s crippling their teams and the games they are struggling to make, not to mention their careers.

95+% of games fail.

Great Game Production can beat those odds - we'll teach you how.

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Since 2020, we’ve been helping leaders and producers in studios of all sizes focus on what matters most. Before that, we spent a decade at Riot developing League of Legends, Valorant, and the technology supporting hundreds of millions of players. We are committed to sharing what makes the top producers successful so you can build better games.

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We’ve talked with producers like you across the games industry, and some of the most common frustrations we hear are how little you are valued, how unclear your role is, and how rare it is to be understood as a producer.

Even more frustrating, the work you are told to do doesn’t seem to make a difference and help your team create amazing games. Our industry is focusing us on the wrong things, and it’s because the role of production is undefined.

We've been the producer asking leaders around us what good looks like to receive vague answers and pithy responses to just, “keep at it”. We scoured the internet and books trying to find answers to what makes a producer effective, and we came up short.

You know why? Because...

  • It’s not about working harder
  • You can’t solve it with the best plan or JIRA dashboard
  • Even experienced producers don't really know why they are effective 

We wanted to solve the pain you experience, so we built a course for you.



In this course, we teach you what producers aren’t taught… 

  • First, we walk you through the game production traps that are holding you and your teams back.
  • Next, we’ll take you through the two most important skills producers need: Leadership and Influence, and how to focus and connect to have the positive impact you want to have.
  • Finally, we provide you solid tools and templates to help you overcome common challenges game producers face, like how to run basic meetings, engage with dysfunctional organizations, and work with remote and hybrid teams effectively. 



After this course, you’ll have:

  • A clear understanding of what a producer is there to do
  • Clear actions to take to increase your visibility and fast-track your career
  • Techniques that will help your team focus and deliver the games and products your players want

Enroll Now and get:

  • 5+ hours of "at your own pace" videos on becoming better producers
  • Templates to help you day to day in your work as a producer

  • Worksheets to help solidify the learning and create action

  • Access to an exclusive community of producers taking the course

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If you’re ready to stop grinding away without result and start building better games with your team, register for this course. It will change how you lead and what you deliver.

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Remember: there’s always a reason not to do something. Don’t fall back into the normal frustrations and production traps that are holding you, your team, and your career back. Learn the skills needed to thrive as a producer in games.